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Ray Holbrook


Our society is greatly affected by history and special moments in time that affect each of us individually, I work to capture that individuality in my art. I believe the authenticity of my design has purpose. It takes old fashioned craftsmanship, the kind of craftsmanship that allows art to endure. My primary focus is on the subject and the viewer, quality, effective composition, and color. Most importantly, the humbled knowledge, along with the experience of how all of these tools are applied, that permits subjects and the art to endure.

My Experience

I learned that from the old school of hand-craftsmanship would make for a highly successful combination when thrown into the mix of digital. Anyone can run a computer, but not everyone could compose effective designs. It still required craftsmanship.This skill earned me a position as a art director for a multi-periodical magazine publisher. Working on high-profile sports and entertainment projects. Through my work, one of the best rewards I received was the memories that were triggered, the reflections of the adventures I had growing up. To realize the path I had taken, only seemed to be a natural one, that dreams aren’t just dreams-they’re attainable.


A native of Sioux City Iowa, USA Ray studied art from an early age. A He is a self-taught artist that attributes his skill and craftsmanship to  over 35 years of experience. Since childhood, He has always been inspired by artists like Rembrandt, Andrew Wyeth, and Winslow Homer. He continually had a pencil or a brush in hand, challenging himself, while with the highest of standards.

“Painting was a very private thing, something I rarely shared with others. In retrospect, it felt as if it was one of the few things that was private in my childhood. It took me on adventures, and it still does.”

For over 20 years I worked in commercial art as a freelance layout artist, graphic designer, pictorial artist, and art director. Color and composition from the layout of design to the production of hand-painted realism for billboards and advertising, earned me the experience to make the inevitable transition from the old school of hand-craftsmanship to the age of the digital revolution. While many designers and pictorial artists were being replaced by these technologies. I was determined not to let that happen to to myself as an artist.

My Work

Just ask I can do it. Invariably the answer will be ,Yes!
Ray Holbrook
Ray Holbrook
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